Your website, a business-critical system


A website is part of the system that helps run a business. Websites can drive leads, communicate value, or facilitate transactions. A website is generally our first interaction with a brand other than social media in the digital age. 

When it comes to how we design, host, and maintain our website, we have options. If we’re lucky, a member of internal staff can manage the “nuts and bolts” to keep a website functional. Are you familiar with what “nuts and bolts” means here, though? 

These include not only all the things we think of when we first imagine our website – the look and feel of the site, but also maintaining site health moving forward. The design stage of site development can happen on several different platforms today. If you dream it, it can probably get done.

After you’ve created a website that speaks to your aesthetic, it’s time to deploy, host, and maintain. At this point, a website begins to provide metrics about how audiences connect with it. Website performance requirements help develop best practices that foster positive user interactions with the site. 

Ideally, a website will have a quick time to load, DNS lookups, and connections. To do this, it will be a good idea to keep the overall asset count and overall weight manageable. If the website is loading swiftly, it’s then a task of keeping error rates low, monitoring bounce rate to see where users are leaving the site, and tracking conversions. 

Whether your business is a service or product, your website needs to handle the traffic, host the content, and communicate effectively how you can help the consumer. The time of your internal IT resources should be committed to the core competencies of your business and supporting the operations of your business. 

Ray of Clarity

Maintaining websites is tedious and technical. If your team is not technically inclined, or if you are simply too busy to be able to do it, shifting to a dedicated agency could be for you. Private hosting packages accompanied by affordable monthly maintenance fees make the change worth the investment. Time saved is money earned when time is appropriately reallocated. Whatever time was spent before managing a website’s upkeep can be recommitted to operations and business development. 

A significant advantage is how these agencies get to know a business and its website—familiarizing themselves with website plugins, using diagnostics to identify trouble points, and speaking with key stakeholders before getting started. A dedicated outsourced team behind a website can give a business owner peace of mind without burying them in overhead. With the right team of people regularly working on and monitoring your site, your investment will be protected, last longer, and small issues will be fixed before they become big issues. 

Google Cloud Platform is a preferred hosting technology with the benefits of reliable resources available to scale almost instantly and without limit. These benefits translate into faster loading times and a more stable hosting environment. Remember how we want to keep our error rate low?

Cloud hosting and container technology offer an advantage to businesses who work with agencies hosting and maintaining their websites. When a website experiences a traffic spike or surge, this unique hosting feature meets the demand without reducing page speed. 

Maintaining a website on a cloud network can be systematized or automated but still requires upkeep and maintenance. That’s why a digital agency offering private website hosting and maintenance can be a real savior. Maintenance means that infrastructure stays current, translating into a safe and secure experience for businesses and their customers. 

With peace of mind comes clarity, and with clarity, you can focus on the purpose and vision driving your business. It can be hard to find peace of mind if you’re concerned with general website upkeep. 

When you partner with LHR Digital to manage your website hosting and maintenance needs, you know we have the “nuts and bolts” covered.

Let us help create your digital vision and bring it to life!