Onward and Upward!


“Digital agency” can feel like an amorphous term for business owners and senior management who are navigating the holistic experience of ownership. Almost every facet of business is digital today. When a digital agency approaches a company to offer services, how is that business to believe the agency possesses any digital knowledge or skill outside their technical teams or current technology partners?

LHR Digital helps enhance a business’ digital presence by translating a digital vision into a real asset and bringing a ray of clarity in the shadowy digital world. LHR helps define goals and develop a vision and strategy to reinvent a single essential process, experience, or create the foundational technologies that make rich and relevant digital experiences possible. 

Since 2016, LHR Digital has successfully demonstrated the value a digital agency can bring to a business. The company’s continued growth is a byproduct of its leadership and the strategy approaching digital projects. 

LHR Digital has recently expanded into the Research and Data arena, hiring 3 new team members in 2021 to expand its offerings to clients! The strength of LHR Digital is our team as LHR Digital continues to grow to meet current client needs and increase capacity to handle larger projects in our pipeline. The new team members are vital to managing growth. The team of 6 is now comprised of two certified PMPs, a Digital Strategist, a Full-Stack Developer, and two Research Associates. 

As a full-service digital agency, we specialize in website design & development, website hosting, and maintenance services, SEO and Marketing Services, mobile app development, data migration, data and research services, and more.  

An element of assuredness comes with working with LHR Digital when you consider the previous work experience of the team. Coming from various backgrounds that include advocacy, B2B, and B2C digital projects, the team at LHR Digital is comfortable in their experience and knowledge. 

As a team, LHR Digital executes on client’s ideas while synchronously adapting to work with stakeholders to exceed expectations of the final deliverable. We ensure that business objectives are met with a balanced blend of creative, technical, and business expertise. 

Let us help create your digital vision and bring it to life!